55 years of concrete innovation

2022: extreme engineering

The HL project in Singapore was for us the first multi-storey production facility (ICPH: Integrated Construction and Prefabrication Hubs). An extremely challenging project with a very high degree of automation. This industrial plant is a masterpiece of engineering and precision.

2021: Galleria Santa Lucia – A1 MOTORWAY

A work that is also a symbol of the country’s potential. The new stretch between Barberino and Firenze Nord, where the most striking feature is the 7.5-kilometre Santa Lucia tunnel, the longest three-lane tunnel in Europe. MCT Afrique partnered with Pavimental for the production of segments in a purpose-built factory. Our Concrete Distribution Bucket has travelled approximately 30,000 km in 3 years, more or less a full lap of the Earth and well beyond the average lifetime of any other bucket in existence in the world!

2019: New Zealand – first plant sold and first test fully carried out remotely

MCT sold a concrete conveyor system in New Zealand in 2019 (first time in our history), via CBE to Wilson Tunnelling. During the pandemic, we assembled the system without having to send MCT personnel directly and were able to do all testing remotely.

2018: the most efficient, automated prefabrication plant in North America

The plant consists of two primary hoppers, two separate aggregate storage systems, and four mixers with fully automatic concrete distribution systems, including high-speed buckets and automatic dump buckets.

2017: our first 50 years

On the occasion of our first 50 years, there are a lot of news: the new MCT logo, the new graphic and communication design. A wonderful book containing a whole life history and anecdotes of the founder Lamberto Marcantonini and this company.

In September, we celebrated a big party together with customers from all over the world, partners, lifetime suppliers, employees and their families to mark in everyone’s memory this wonderful achievement, which, at the same time, is a new starting point.

2012: Far East market

The precast batching plant and concrete distribution system are unique in their complexity and flexibility: a tower with 16 aggregate hoppers, 4 mixers, colour dispenser, fiber dosing units, 4 flying buckets, 1,200 meters of rails with exchanges, 5 casting machines, 8 systems for manufactured products transports.

2011: Australian market

We land on the last remaining continent. Nowadays we have numerous plants, some of which produce precast elements for the construction of the subways of Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

2009: another masterpiece is installed in Italy

The precast batching plant and concrete distribution system are unique in their complexity and flexibility: a tower with 16 aggregate hoppers, 4 mixers, colour dispenser, fiber dosing units, 4 flying buckets, 1,200 meters of rails with exchanges, 5 casting machines, 8 systems for manufactured products transports.

2007: USA market

We develop 4cbm buckets for the USA.

2007: MCT Afrique company was founded in the USA.

2005: The most challenging plant

In 2005 we engineered a new cement hub with huge vertical silos.
It has been absolutely challenging the development of the terminal which is subject to extreme weather conditions: wind 220km/h and extremely low temperatures, moreover in a highly seismic zone.

2001: The most complex plant we have ever developed

16 aggregate hoppers, 4 mixers, color distributors, fibers distributors, 6 flying buckets, 1,000mt of rails with switches, 6 casting machines, 2 casting buckets.
We develop 2- and 4- wheel drive buckets with electric engine and toothed belt drive.

1995-2000: More complex system

In 1995 we develop the first tower plant with 3 mixers, 2 flying buckets, 4 casting buckets; it is also the very first plant with bucket elevator for aggregates.
Between 1996 and 2000 we installed several batching plants in Italy, France, Spain.


For the first time the management and control of batching plants, and distribution systems is possible via a software running on Windows OS.

1990: USA

We develop a big batching plant in USA: 3 mixers, 3 tipper wagons and a casting bucket to feed the formworks of prefabricated walls.

1988-89: USA

In 1988 we sold for the first time in USA: two plants.
In 1989 we develop a big batching and transport plant for Manini in Bastia Umbra, with 8 flying buckets, 5 casting buckets and half gantry concrete distributors.

1984: We develop our first Tower Plant in Colmar, France.

We build a large batching plant in the USA with 3 mixers, 3 tipper wagons and a casting car to feed prefabricated wall formworks.


We manufactured the first flying bucket for plastic concrete; we also installed the first casting machine for prefabricated casting.


First batching plants with computerized control with the Z80 CPU by ZILOG. Meanwhile we sold and installed more plants in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

1976: First sales abroad

The very first plant developed abroad is in Kenitra, Morocco.
The second plant has been sold in Thailand, for the River Kwai (yes: that River Kwai!) dam. The River Kwai plant has been the first with load cells for batch weighing.
The third plant has been sold in Switzerland.
In 1976 we switch from electromechanical to electronic automation.
In 1978/79 sales abroad become steady: Iran, Iraq, Morocco, France…

1974: The innovation begins

We are the first in Italy to develop concrete batching plants with aggregates dosing system by volume.

1973: The company Marcantonini Lamberto & C. was founded

It starts the construction of the offices and of the first Shed in the current site of Bettona.

1972-73: The first Business Fairs

In 1972 we are at the first Verona International Fair; in 1973 we go abroad for the first time! Munich Fair, in March: the cold was terrible and the snow abundant!

1970: The first flying bucket

We develop the first flying bucket for the concrete transport for Ditta Cancellotti Delfo.

1967: The company A.E.I. was founded

Two years later the A.E.I. (Automazioni Elettriche Industriali) company by Marcantonini Lamberto rents a tiny office in Passaggio di Bettona, Perugia.
In 1969 A.E.I. has 4 employees; 3 batching plants are produced and five more were expanded.


Lamberto Marcantonini teams up with SIMCAS (now Manini Prefabbricati), a company which needs a batching plant to product prestressed beams with a ROTH (a German company) paver.

Marcantonini proposes the development of this batching plant:

  • 4 aggregates (radially) with volumetric dosing;
  • 1 planetary mixer with skip (0.5cbm);
  • 1 cement (silo, cochlea, 300 kg scale);
  • 1 water dosage with meter.


It was the birth of the first batching plant for semi-dry concrete with semi-automatic management.
Two more plants are developed in 1966:

  • The plant for Ditta Cancellotti Delfo di Pontevalleceppi, Perugia, is exactly identical to the first.


The plant for Ditta Barili Silvio at Rivotorto di Assisi is provided for a self-propelled block machine and has 3 aggregates and 1 planetary mixer with skip (0.5cbm) for self-propelled block machine.

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