Andrea Marcantonini at the Glocal Economic Forum

Last April, the ESG89 Glocal Economic Forum was held in Perugia under the title “Orizzonte Italia” (Horizon Italy). The event was aimed at providing an opportunity for economic operators to share their experiences and deepen their understanding of issues related to growth, knowledge and the creation of “sustainable and inclusive value”.

As always, selected guests and speakers brought their insights and keen analysis of the economic situation to the debate.

Among them, we are pleased to say that our own Andrea Marcantonini, connected from Hamburg airport, provided a brief account of what the companies have experienced over the last two years.

Andrea recalled how the pandemic was a completely unexpected event, a “Black Swan” that forced all operators to reconsider the growth and development plans they had made up to then.

Most important was the ability to make adjustments to what was planned, recalled Andrea, not so much by changing the objectives but rather by changing the way of doing business. Indeed, although we had planned to participate in trade fairs and events, we have chosen to allocate the entire budget to our online presence by revamping our website, adding new content and, above all, investing in digital communication and promotion tools. This is not something new for the company, which had already begun this process a while back before the pandemic, but instead proves that our intuition was correct. In fact, it is no coincidence that more than 15% of the 2021 revenue was generated online, which is a truly impressive result for an industry such as ours. The manufacture and sale of our systems often require lengthy negotiations due to the high level of product customisation requested by customers, and these negotiations were usually conducted in person. However, thanks to these investments, and to the fact that we have achieved an excellent position in the network, we have succeeded in establishing relationships of trust and cooperation with our customers, which have led to great results.

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