Can we promote Umbria with sport? Yes, and the data proves us right.

2022 has been an extremely difficult year for our country’s economic sector and, unfortunately, our Region has been no exception. There have been many difficulties that companies have had to face; also we in MCT Afrique have experienced, at personal cost, the complications due to slowdowns and delays due to increases in costs and supply difficulties.

However, there is one sector in our beautiful Umbria, that in this long-suffering year has launched signs of vitality and well-being: the tourism sector. Our Region has in fact seen a significant increase in the arrival of tourists (the areas of the Trasimeno and the Ternano have recorded an increase in travellers of 20%) and stays (here are the Spoletino and the Amerino to record the greatest increases).

We are very happy with these results, not only because we love Umbria and we are delighted to share it with travellers, but because the tourist flows bring well-being to the facilities and to all associated businesses. And this well-being has a positive impact on the entire Region.

The promotional choices of recent times are evidently bearing fruit, and we are very pleased to note that our company, with its support for sports and cultural initiatives, has also been far-sighted.

Driven by the enthusiasm of our own Andrea Marcantonini, an avid sportsman, as MCT Afrique we are sponsors of events related to cycling, trail running and trekking, disciplines that enhance a region such as Umbria, “lengthening” the tourist season even outside of conventional dates and routes.

We therefore greet with joy the results obtained by the tourism sector last year and we are ready, as always, to make our contribution, not only for the territory of Bettona, to which we are inevitably linked, but also in other areas where the formula “sport=tourism” can make a breakthrough.

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March 27, 2023

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