Adel Gad

Managing Director, TECHNO CAST PRECAST


Dear Sir,
this is to confirm that Techno Cast Precast based in Mussafah Industrial City in Abu Dhabi (ICAD 1) has purchased and commissioned a full Tower Batching Plant from M/s Marcantonini Italy with Two Mixers.
Therefore, in evaluating the purchase of the Batching Plant we have chosen the above mentioned brand for the main reasons as follows:

They are produced their own software that is supplied to us and can be modified easily. The Batching Plant of which needed in our factory should be personalised
one with a number of advanced features. The concrete transportation system is produced in house and was tailor made to our requirements. Our company chose the type and brand of the mixers of which exactly what is needed.

In this regard, our satisfaction using the acquired Batching Plant in the factory meets our requirement of which M/s Marcantonini was flexible with requests we had when we did installation at our site in Abu Dhabi. On a regular basis we received technical visits from both M/s Marcantonini Technical team and also M/s Philip A Tabone International with their local representatives accordingly. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information you may require.

Yours Sincerely
Eng. Adel Gad
Managing Director

Dear Sir, it will with great pleasure, that I am able to write to you regarding the experience that I have had with MCT Afrique srl.In late January 2019 we took delivery a mobile batch plant from Marcantonini and installed it in a fixed location out our factory located in South Australia. On or around […]

Nick Monchgesang

Dear Sirs, this letter is a confirmation that OOO Megapolys from Russia Federation purchased and commissioned a mobile concrete plant from Marcantonini srl, Italy. The concrete plant was installed by address: Russia Federation, Kalinngrad, Dvinskaya st in August 2013. We confirm that Marcantonini experience in producting ready-mixed concrete plants by implementing equipment that increase the […]


Dear Sir, Westbuild Products Pty Ltd, of Perth Western Australia purchased a custom built dry mix batching plant from MCT Afrique Inc in the last quarter 2015. The plant was delivered, erected and final commissioning was completed in the third quarter of 2016. MCT worked in conjunction with another supplier during the project who was […]

Marcus Parlapiano

To whom it may concern, I am pleased to recommend MCT Afrique as a dry cast concrete batch plant supplier. We purchased a batch plant with two mixers and a custom color blending system from them in 2014. MCT was a great partner from start to finish and they continue to be. They listened to […]

Landon W. Pegg

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