Andrew Assinger



We have worked directly with MCT Afrique for numerous years on the planning, development, execution and the operation of our new concrete plant in Stony Plain.

During this time, we had the pleasure of developing a working relationship with MCT Afrique. They have a tremendous amount of pride in the work they complete as well as the service they provide their clients. This job was as important to them as it was to us from the beginning to completion and it was evident from the start. Our experience during these years has been positive. The Company continues to provide us with dedicated, hard working, well trained staff, and quality equipment.

It has been a pleasure to work with MCT Afrique, and we look forward to continuing this relationship in the future. I highly recommend MCT Afrique.

Yours sincerely,
Andrew Assinger

On a side note the installation of the micro batch feed went really well, was extremely impressed once again with how simple it was to install and how nearly everything was done for us prior to arrival in Australia. Im pretty sure that we are the first to have something like this in south Australia […]

Nick Monchgesang

Dear Sirs, this letter is a confirmation that SOMACO GRUP PREFABICATE from Romania purchased and commissioned a horizontal Concrete plant with two 1.25 qm mixers from MCT Afrique. The concrete plant was installed in a Precast Concrete Factory in Roman, Neamt County, in April 2013.We confirm that MCT team did a great job in our […]

Mircea Vitan

To whom it may concern, I am pleased to recommend MCT Afrique as a dry cast concrete batch plant supplier. We purchased a batch plant with two mixers and a custom color blending system from them in 2014. MCT was a great partner from start to finish and they continue to be. They listened to […]

Landon W. Pegg

Dear Sirs, this letter is a confirmation that OOO Megapolys from Russia Federation purchased and commissioned a mobile concrete plant from Marcantonini srl, Italy. The concrete plant was installed by address: Russia Federation, Kalinngrad, Dvinskaya st in August 2013. We confirm that Marcantonini experience in producting ready-mixed concrete plants by implementing equipment that increase the […]


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