Nick Monchgesang

Production Manager, OUTBACK SLEEPERS


Dear Sir,
it will with great pleasure, that I am able to write to you regarding the experience that I have had with MCT Afrique srl.
In late January 2019 we took delivery a mobile batch plant from Marcantonini and installed it in a fixed location out our factory located in South Australia.

On or around the 15th of February, the plant was up and running and producing concrete, this was largely due to the quality and technology with the manufacture of the plant and equipment, and also that of the technicians and engineers, sent from MCT to assist with the installation and commissioning of this new equipment.

25th of February 2019 our factory had reached a new capacity that we could not have before, this was considerably due to the quality of service, advice and products that we received throughout the entire process, from placing the order to taking control of the plant on our own for the first time.
The many years of experience from the Marcantonini team was evident throughout the process, and we were able to rely on this as were learning new, efficient, and cost effective ways to produce high quality concrete.

The support received throughout was second to none. The level of organization, skill, and knowledge was abundant and freely available at every step of the process, from the team on site in Australia to the teams back in Italy, there was no challenge faced that was too great for this wonderful company.
I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Marcantonini srl, as a professional partner for any and all future projects and expansion at Outback Sleepers. Marcantonini srl, have shown us their utmost support and as such, I freely give mine to Marcantonini.

Finally, the dedicated team that work abroad show a pride of workmanship in the work they complete but also a deep pride in working for MCT Afrique Inc.
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further information regarding MCT Afrique Inc.

Nick Monchgesang
Production Manager

Dear Sir, this is to confirm that Techno Cast Precast based in Mussafah Industrial City in Abu Dhabi (ICAD 1) has purchased and commissioned a full Tower Batching Plant from M/s Marcantonini Italy with Two Mixers.Therefore, in evaluating the purchase of the Batching Plant we have chosen the above mentioned brand for the main reasons […]

Adel Gad

Dear Sirs, this letter is a confirmation that SOMACO GRUP PREFABICATE from Romania purchased and commissioned a horizontal Concrete plant with two 1.25 qm mixers from MCT Afrique. The concrete plant was installed in a Precast Concrete Factory in Roman, Neamt County, in April 2013.We confirm that MCT team did a great job in our […]

Mircea Vitan

To whom it may concern, I am pleased to recommend MCT Afrique as a dry cast concrete batch plant supplier. We purchased a batch plant with two mixers and a custom color blending system from them in 2014. MCT was a great partner from start to finish and they continue to be. They listened to […]

Landon W. Pegg

This is a short note with regards to a reference on Marcantonini Batching Plants that we have purchased over the past years.Al Rashid Abetong is one of the largest Hollow Core and Precast producing company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a base in Riyadh.Four years back with have purchased two Mobile Batching Plants […]

Mikko Henriksson

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