Grand Opening of our new production facility

An important and courageous decision was taken after the extremely challenging period we all endured as we were first impacted by the effects of the global pandemic and then by unprecedented price increases of raw materials.

This coupled with political instability deeply affected all of us.

In June MCT Afrique opened a new section of the manufacturing facility which allows to speed up production times, execute total control over each process and improve overall quality. 

Despite all these challenges the company has realized growth and success in terms of Productivity, Export and International presence. 

The MCT American subsidiary continues to flourish, and MCT also expands with the recent opening of the new branch in North Africa.

Throughout this growth our focus has always been to innovate and improve.


“The goal – explained Andrea Marcantonini, CEO of MCT Afrique – is to realise the most of our steel production and semi-finished products within the company. This investment allows us to use innovative and eco sustainable technology machines to achieve a better quality of the final product and to meet deliveries’ deadlines.”

Words of praise are arrived from the authorities, first of all the Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs and of the International Cooperation, Antonio Tajani, that sent his greetings and congratulations to the company via video call.

Also Umbria Region president Mrs. Donatella Tesei, had words of appreciation for our company. “Such scale of investments plays a very important role because they largely contribute at the growth of the industrial network in our Region” said the president Tesei.

Investments in our new factory, to name a few, include:

  • New shot-blast, magnetic paint spraying and powder coating facilities for a long-lasting finish
  • High-speed fiber laser-cutter which cuts large quantities of steel with precision
  • Latest technology of steel bending equipment 
  • 12 additional welding stations


With a total investment of over 3 million euros, the new facilities occupy 4.000 square meters, and they were built in less than one year. The new construction is eco-friendly, thanks to solar panels covering the roof, with a total capacity of 400kW, and the parking lot is equipped with electric charging terminals. 

In addition to product management, research and development, machining and assembly, the brand-new site will:

  • increase the production capacity over 40%
  • consolidate all operations into one location
  • improve the quality of finished elements
  • lower operation costs
  • alleviate potential supply chain issues

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July 27, 2023

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