Volumetric precast elements and 3D modules

Special Elements
Concrete Production per Day
0 m3
Maximum Speed of Flying Bucket
0 m/min
Rotation of Casting Machine 4 m3 capacity
0 °

MCT Afrique a pioneer in 3D Volumetric Precast

SouthEast Asia is already one of the most advanced precast manufacturing places in the world and now the building industry is jumping into the 21st Century by pressuring to adopt modular
construction techniques and ramping up the productivity of its workforce.

“Prefabricated Pre-finished Volumetric Construction (PPVC)” & “Prefabricated Bathrooms Units (PBU)” means a construction method whereby freestanding volumetric modules (complete
with finishes for walls, floors and ceilings) are constructed and assembled in an accredited fabrication facility and then easily installed in a building.

The system can achieve a productivity improvement of up to 40% in terms of manpower and time savings; furthermore, dust, noise pollution can be minimized as more activities are done off-site.
With the bulk of the installation activities and manpower moved off-site to a factory controlled environment, site safety is also improved.

MCT Afrique has developed a pioneer technique to cast the concrete in a fast, reliable and flexible way thanks to the joint action of high speed flying bucket and automatic casting machines:

  • Flying bucket up to 4m3 capacity and 270 m/min speed
  • Casting machine up to 4 m3 capacity and 180° Rotation
  • Variable stroke from 0.5m to 5.5m
  • System fully integrated through industrial Wi-Fi
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