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Neulandt has been founded in 2019, specializing in the active development of future-oriented construction solutions. The portable precast plant- is the mobile high-performances plant for the industrial production of precast elements that solves many challenges faced worldwide. Actually, world’s population continues to grow steadily, this brought the company to set new standards and designs for the future living spaces, turning the new lands into an economically, socially and ecologically value. The innovative butterfly technology is the key for these goals, which combines the advantages of horizontal precast preparation with vertical pouring. It enables the separation of the preoperational works such as installation of box-outs, reinforcement works as well as the assembly of installation inserts in a simple, fast and ergonomic manner. Above all the mobile field factory increases the productivity of construction projects, standardizes quality and ensures value creation on site by using local labor. The factory, consisting of a robust tent (60m x 15m), two integrated cranes with a capacity of 10 t each, the heart of the factory, the battery mold equipped with the so-called “butterfly formwork”, is shipped in containers to any desired project location in the world. Already after 4 weeks of assembly the production is ready to start. Once the construction of buildings is completed on the one project site, the N3P can simply be dismantled and relocated to the next construction site. The portable precast plant (N3P) by Neulandt was opened for the first time in Abidjan, where the access to affordable living space is a top priority. The plant will be able to produce up to 1000m2 of walls per day. The goal is the implementation of large-scale projects such as apartment buildings, infrastructure projects, etc. The batching plant is equipped with moisture, plasticity and water-cement ratio control systems providing uniform concrete that meets the requirements of UNI EN 206-1. . The mixer capacity of 1500 liters water volume ensure a production of 1 cubic meter of concrete each production cycle and a total productivity of 40/45 cubic meters per hour. The CompuNet system, developed by MCT Italy Software Development, consistently accompanies all the aspects of the production process and analysis of raw material storage levels.

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