Concrete distribution system with high speed flying buckets

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Saudi Arabia
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0 m3
Planetary Mixer
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MCT takes precast to new heights in Saudi Arabia.

One of premier precaster in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia awarded the contract for design, engineering, construction & commissioning in the Southern region a total of 4.520 residential units including 628 apartments building, 832 villas, schools, sports club, mosques, shopping malls, petrol stations and military police buildings.

The equipment delivered for the new factory gives the possibility to produce, at full capacity, up to 760 m3 per day of concrete for Precast Element and 420 m3 per day of Hollow Core slabs.
The precast production consists of no. 6 Battery Moulds, no. 180 Tilting Tables and some minor elements, while the Hollow Core is composed of 18 lines of 150 m each.

MCT batching plant can delivery concrete thanks to incredibly fast automatic concrete distribution system where the flying buckets can transport concrete with a speed of 250 meter per minute. The state of art Wi-Fi control system synchronizes the Batching Plant with the Flying Buckets and the Gantry Casting Machines with the Extruders; it allows to the batch operator to oversee the real-time position and status of every equipment.

MCT completes the turn key project with containerized Ice flakes & Chiller Machines which can cool down concrete temperature up to 26 °C, strictly required and daily controlled by the main contractor.

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