One of the largest precast factory in the world

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MCT Afrique parks near epicenter of United Arab Emirates building boom.

This is one of the largest precast factories in the region, with a capacity to produce over 2.5 million square meters of pre-cast panels per year, located at National Industries Park Jebel Ali, Dubai.

Precast concrete products can be modulated in structures or systems with endless array of sizes and configurations, architectural or decorative purposes also.

• Pre-cast concrete frame buildings.
• Pre-stressed hollow core slabs.
• Pre-stressed beams & band beams.
• Facade elements- architectural precast.
• concrete pre-stressed beams non-load bearing cladding panels.
• Precast concrete boundary walls.
• Precast concrete staircases and landings.
• Precast concrete load-bearing walls.
• Precast concrete load-bearing insulated walls.

The factory is composed of no. 5 production halls and no. 2 independent batch plant with full automatic concrete distribution system through high speed flying buckets and automatic casting machines.

The first batch plant, equipped with no. 2 x 2250/1500 planetary mixer and no. 1 x 1500/1000 mixer can support the production of grey and coloured concrete for concrete panels and walls.

The second plant equipped with no. 2 x 3000/2000 planetary mixer delivers concrete to no. 17 beds of prestressed hollow core slabs and moulds for the casting of structural precast elements, beams, staircases and boundary walls.

The double mixer plant is able to guarantee a concrete production of 100 cubic meters per hour during pick time; an automatic ice dosing system system ensures also the possibility to cast concrete during the hottest hours. Rapid, reliable and fast delivery is carried out by the latest version of MCT Afrique flying buckets: 240 meter per minute is the speed achievable.

The plant supplied includes one of the latest release of COMPUMAT®, MCT Afrique in-house software developed, taking the precast production to a new level. MCT’s new system for concrete production and casting process management keeps growing along with the requirements of quality control and verification that nowadays, more than ever before, almost worldwide are becoming more common and strictly controlled by authorities.
The new software control system, together with the technologies developed in MCT, enables our customers to achieve the most efficient precast production, minimizing mistakes, waste and reducing costs.

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